• Labor Administration

Labor Administration

CDO professionals are prepared to assist your company with administrative services in the labor area. Among the provided services, are:

  • Preparation of the processes for admission, vacations and termination
  • Calculation and issue of payrolls and respective receipts (monthly and 13th. salary); vacations and provision for vacations and 13th. salary
  • Issue of payment forms (IRRF, GPS, FGTS and Union Contribution)
  • Monthly payment forms of Union Tax, Confederative and Assistance contributions and employer’s contribution, related to payroll
  • Processing of labor admission and labor termination
  • Register and update of the CTPS
  • Registers and updates of the book or employee form
  • Monthly presentation of GFIP and Social Connectivity
  • Annual RAIS presentation
  • DIRF (DP)
  • Preparation of employees’ declarations
  • Presentation of CAGED
  • List of vacations with vacations acquisition periods
  • Monthly list with expiring dates of test period agreements
  • CND: follow up on CND (FGTS/INSS) via internet
  • Preparation of E-Social