• Tax administration

Tax administration

BDO can help your company to perform tax procedures and routines related to the company´s activities, in conformity with the procedures required by legislation.

Within the scope of the work developed by our professionals, are included:

  • Receipt of physical tax documents and files, such as remittance of ECF and production and inventory control (Bloco K).
  • Fiscal closing (Indirect taxes), such as calculation of taxes (ICMS, ICMS ST, IPI, PIS, COFINS e ISS), issue of NFTS and calculation of taxes and issue of payment forms, among others. 
  • Accessory obligations, such as preparation of “Sped Fiscal”, annual DIRF and “EFD - contribuições Sped”, issue of ICMS payment forms, among other services.
  • Fiscal closing (Direct taxes): preparation of PERDCOMP, review of IRPJ, CSSL and ECF calculation.
  • Invoicing: remittance of request for invoicing, register of the client and issue of the invoices.