• Construction Work

Audit on Construction Work

Preventive (during execution), detective (position at a given time) or conclusive (after conclusion of the construction work), BDO will be performing the following exams:

  • Audit on preliminary studies;
  • Audit on the processes / signed contracts;
  • Audit  on management of the contracts;
  • Labor, tax and financial audit;
  • Qualitative audit (applied x specified);
  • Quantitative audit (performed x invoiced);
  • Audit on environment
  • Audit on inventory

Studies of feasibility and location

Our team is trained with a methodology focused to obtain the following parameters:


  • Consumer profile;
  • Suppliers profile;
  • Implementation cost;
  • Economic-financial planning;
  • Growth perspective


  • Raw materials logistic;
  • Finished product sale logistic;
  • Tax incentives;
  • Donation of lands;
  • State and/or municipal credit lines;
  • Utilities:  water, electric power, communication, gas, sewage, etc;
  • Availability of labor, medical assistance, banks, safety, transportation, etc.