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  • IT Tax Services

IT Tax Services

With the technological structure currently required to support calculations, accessory obligations and tax payments, BDO has been continuously investing in IT professionals and tools to help companies and corporate groups in the mapping, extraction, generation and validation of documents, files  and internal controls that are the bases for several information/obligations daily provided to clients, suppliers and tax authorities, as a way to contribute for suitable tax governance and correct payment of your taxes. Therefore, considering the excessive accessory obligations and the numerous changes in legislation, we have developed exclusive technological solutions to help companies and corporate groups in these demands.

BDO Validator of Accessory Obligations –  it is a tool to help in the individual Validation of Accessory Obligations,  in the crossover of information among Accessory Obligations, help in preventive procedures of validation of files to be sent to tax authorities, help in detecting  inconsistencies and possible contingencies in adequate time for correction, enable the obtaining of financial results and tax savings,  generate a matrix for correction with the main identified aspects and propose solution models to implement the required adjustments.

BDO EFD-Contribuições – Through mapping, generation and validation of the several blocks of this accessory obligation, BDO assists its clients in the fulfillment of this legal requirement. Besides this, in some cases BDO helps timely the clients in correction of certain items, generation of such obligation at the migration of IT systems, in the temporary absence of tax professionals for fulfillment of the obligation and in consolidation of data when there are several branches or operations that may, at some time, make difficult the fulfillment and remittance of the EFD-Contribuições by professionals of the company.

BDO ICMS eCredAC (Portaria CAT n° 83/2009) – The tool developed by BDO helps in the generation of the accessory obligation in order to monetize accumulated ICMS credits. Our tool provides all the reports and any obligations needed to comply with the state rules for the demand, both in simplified or costing system.

BDO ICMS-ST (Portaria CAT n° 17/1999) – This BDO tool enables the generation of accessory obligations required for requesting monetization of accumulated ICMS credits in the modality tax substitution. Our tool provides all the reports and any obligations needed to comply with the state rules for request of the demand in order to reimburse ICMS-ST credits, which presumed fact has not materialized.

BDO Assets Control – This BDO tool, framed according to the provided norms for fulfillment of the EFD-ICMS/IPI blocks, helps in the generation of accessory obligation for purposes of register and control of assets and respective ICMS credits. This tool enables the maintenance of controls necessary to meet the state rules of proportionality, control and use of ICMS credits deriving from fixed assets purchase.

BDO P&DI – This BDO tool helps in the controls necessary to support the fruition of tax incentives for Research and Development of Technological Innovation (P&DI) and in calculation of federal taxes.

BDO Telecomunicações (Portaria CAT n° 06/2009) – This BDO tools helps in the generation of the accessory obligation required by the inspection authority for appropriation of the unduly paid ICMS when providing Telecommunication services. Our tool enables the generation of files necessary to require this credit in all the states and is framed  according to the rules provided for in “Convênio” ICMS n° 86/2010.

BDO PERDCOMP – This tool developed by BDO professionals, helps our clients in the generation of quarterly Compensation Claims (PER)  for future compensation of Tax on Manufactured Products (IPI) credits , with other taxes administered by Brazilian Federal Revenue (RFB). In this kind of service we analyze the compliance with the legal rules at the formation of the creditor balance, the hypothesis for credit recovery, the fulfillment of the accessory obligation (PER/DCOMP), as well as the preparation of Books with composition of the tax documents that support the credit to be recovered. This book will be available to help the company in eventual future inspections.